Found. Lost.


Life’s student. Book worm. People lover.

Journey follower. Quest explorer. Dot connector.

Soul digger. Answer seeker. Curiously questioning.

Social. Liberal.Receptive.  Social critic.

Inclusive. Observer. Colourful.

Fearful. Fearless. Optimistic.


Lost. Found.



Mindfull Cravings initially started as a business idea. Two years ago I revisited my passion for food. At the time, I was looking for a job and realized that I could start my own dessert business. I often bake healthy treats to satisfy my sweet cravings. The name was inspired by my conscientious effort to make healthier decisions without tipping the numbers on the scale.  The business never came to life, but my ongoing curiosity for life continued. I sought answers, I kept questioning. Fast forward two years, I couldn’t think of a better title for my blog. I still yearn for answers as I ask life’s challenging questions. My experiences and thoughts do not define me – how much more I want from life does. I crave for the findings to many secrets, I long and beg for the journey to reveal its signs bluntly and explicitly. Those longings and cravings accompany me and so does my consciousness and awareness of the people, moments, experiences, words and images in my life. In attempt to inhale all that is and whatever that happened, I strive to become more mindful of my passions, desires, questions, and answers. It’s a quest.

This is my journey with a mind full of cravings.


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