Profound and deep meanings brings  the best of writers- few know how to do so well.


I don’t remember a day in my life before her. She was there, a year earlier than me. I wasn’t sure how we were related, I just took it as it was, that we were together in this existence.

She used to visit us with an old woman, I was told to call teta and I knew that “teta” was part of my surrounding, someone my parents looked ok around, so I was ok around. She looked old but seemed nice, she would smile at me. Looked like she loved me but I was more interested in the little girl who was always with her. I didn’t know when to expect her but she used to come with teta to our house. We would play a little, then she would leave again with teta to wherever they came from.  I never knew when she would come next. But I looked…

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