Everything we create, say, give, and produce, we are sharing with the world a little bit of ourselves. Whatever we feel, express, experience we share it with those around us, to those we know and strangers alike. The world is a space we are sharing and you are sharing your world with us. 

Growing up, the first lesson we were taught in school is to share with the other kids in the classroom. Share our coloured pencils, share our seat, share our food, share our books, and our stories. When we were younger, we were praised for the act of sharing by our parents. Parents would remind us to split the pie, take turns playing the video game, and these days, we ride-share just to get a cheaper fare. In fact we are contributing to reducing emissions and preserving the environment all while sharing a ride with a stranger. 

As we grow up, the concept of sharing transforms into producing something, anything, to sell it or offer it to others for their consumption.  With the most recent shift in politics and the increasing of human displacement, the world today needs more compassion and unity than ever before, but more so, a reminder that with all the partnerships, collaborations, acquisitions, merging of corporations continuously taking place we are essentially sharing our knowledge, products, even ideas to the rest of the world; to individuals stretching from all corners of the world. In a digital world where we instantly and constantly post facts, news, random thoughts, and personal updates, we are ultimately sharing information with our networks to keep them informed and aware of our surroundings and any changes that took place. Although there are borders that divide nations to create an identity, the truth is, all lands are one and it is we who drew the lines to divide us rather than bring us together. The lines were drawn and we became divided, forgetting that we all come from the same race, taking us away from the notion of sharing this world together and with one another. Even the doors we build to secure our privacy and protect our intimacy, we forget that these doors are part of a building within a neighbourhood within a community within a city; we share our homes within all of them. After all, our Earth is just a spec in the universe and it is the universe which allowed us to have a place in its galaxy; we, Jupiter, Mars and Saturn are sharing space in the galaxy. 

The very act and moment you are doing, feeling, and creating something, you are literally sharing it with the world. When you make food and serve it in a restaurant or friends at home, you share your passion in cooking food and sharing with others to enjoy. We share both the hardships and beautiful things and experiences we encounter to help others learn from our mistakes and share the beauty in life to give hope to one another. We travel and take pictures to make memories and to share with others the glory of the moment. We buy a souvenir and send a post card to remind others that they are on our minds but more so to share the happiness of our experience. We express gratitude to others for their kindness and support, and yet we are sharing how we feel towards their grand gesture and heartfelt emotion. We cry with others during their hard times because we feel their pain or loss; we are really sharing our deepest form of empathy. We share compassion because we are human and sharing it in all its shapes and forms is part of our DNA.  We fight for each other’s rights because we share the same belief that we are all equal. We stand by a stranger’s side because one day a kid split their lunch with us when someone stole our lunch in school.  We share similar experiences and somewhere in our memories, our heart doesn’t want the same incident to reoccur. We tell our stories so that we pass our knowledge and wisdom to extend courage to continue journeys and build on them. We do this because we care. We care about others. We care about tomorrow.  We care about our families. We care about our children and friends. We care that everyone gets a chance and all will be treated fairly. And the only way we do this is by sharing what we know, how we feel, things we created and own, and the places we have been to. 

We are where we are today because we all share one universe, one world, one land, one race and all the messages sent to us throughout time and within everyone of us. Every day we are sharing for humanity to continue, grow, and extend the essence of compassion, love, and empathy. 

Share with the world what you have, think, own, create; whether you are a business or an individual; let the world know how much you care about it and for one another.  

We share because we actually do care. Shower the world with sharing gestures, start with one friend.

I’m sharing, are you?   #imsharing 


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