I stumbled upon this picture while reading an article about a prominent Brazilian photographer named Sebastião Salgado. “The Brazilian is renowned for the long-term projects he undertakes, devoting years at a time to documenting the story of a particular people or the evolution of a certain place,”  writes Helen Walters on

I love people who are devoted to their talent- take the time to explore, ask, and understand the world around them. They hone their skills with time and patience to present us with truth.

I came across this story while randomly browsing the internet, trying to tune in to my expressive world after quitting my job. Perhaps, I said, I’m just going to keep writing about all the real things that I connect with: people.  Once I saw this picture, I felt something. I saw many images in one shot. I related to what I saw with my bare naked eyes the naked women although I don’t know what I am relating to exactly. Is it their boldness? Their pride in baring naked? Intimate relations? Moments of joy?  No answer defined until I wrote it all down:

Naked women, clothed souls, covered with shameless dignity and pride.

Patterned structure of their surroundings with pronounced motions of femininity and dignified curves.

I see care intertwined with carefree positions.

Voluptuous women playfully playing with innocence and innocent women exploring womanhood.

Mystical nature combed into one with its partner in mastery.

Relaxed peace, peaceful joy. Joyfully peaceful.


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