Flirting Puffins

Sudden spontaneous moments create artists, dancers and lovers. They move mountains, shake grounds and rage the seas.  Yet a simple word has the power to change a moment, the momentum of a movement, and the passion between lovers.

A poem written by two who are physically distant yet passionately close, flirted with words together while they were saying good night, with the help of their cellphones.

The couple’s favourite bird is the puffin. They learned the puffin’s expression of love, which is through the sideway pecking of their beaks.


She said:

“You are the anchor to my ship.  

Thank you for treating me well, loving me, and respecting me more than anyone, any man or woman I know.  You are a true blessing in my life. My rights are yours and you fight for mine as much as your own, and you fight for the many silent others. May your heart be full and your soul enriched with the love, admiration, and respect you offer everyone, as they reciprocate with you. You are the best man in the world. “

He said:

“I am blushing. You’re my heart. And my soul mate. We feel and walk together.”

She said: 

“We will laugh and cry together. And we will always have each other’s backs. And dance out of no where with a spoon in my hand coming out of no where. We will sing and walk naked as we do, and boldly unclothe our souls bare to one another, loving our invisible fears and shy insecurities.” 

He said:

” We journey through life together. Climbing its rugged mountains and cruising down its valleys and shores. We hold hands, or give a hand, and embrace the rest of the way.”

She said: 

“We gaze at the sky’s darkest skies, dance with the stars and kiss the moon as it shines our hearts. We swing with the sun, create our own horizons, and swim with the tide, come what may.” 


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