First Stop.

Everyone knows the journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step. I have started mine many years ago – a journey of discovery; primarily of self discovery while exploring the world. My journey is an ongoing quest of what I love, what I’m good at, and what should I do with my life. My journey had its setbacks, challenges and surprises; just like yours I’m sure. Somehow, with every experience, I thought, ‘that’s it, found it! That’s my first stop towards my passion, my career, my journey to success.’  To my sudden surprise, none of them indicated it was a first in anything on my quest; it was merely a continuation.

My first stop starts here. Yes here, a blog. An attempt I made six years ago to start and an idea that’s been brewing in my mind between jobs I loved and hated alike. Because a blog is my safe space, my canvas, my journal. Partially therapeutic and the rest unknown. Mainly because I know I have a voice and somewhere in this chaotic world of social media, instant access to news and information, and busy schedules I ought to be heard. Through words I record, putting together stories from conversations I had with people, ideas that come to mind, and feelings I have yet to discover.

So here I am with my first stop to a new journey on my ongoing quest to answering questions. Join me while you sip coffee on a sunny day, browse through the web to kill time at work, or as you curl up in bed.



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